Local Software Executive Feeds His Passion For Great BurgerZ and DogZ

Pittsburgh, PA October 5, 2017—Bob McFarland has spent the last 30 years building his career in financial services and technology sales. His last 20 years as a senior sales and marketing executive in the technology industry has given McFarland the opportunity to travel the world and sample some of the finest local fare. He has also lived in cities all over the United States including Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

No matter where he was, McFarland was always looking for the best burger and hot dog joints he could find. “I am always looking for the best quality burger or dog whenever I travel,” said McFarland He is a true Connoisseur of those two American dietary staples.

When he returned to Pittsburgh in the early 2000’s he started looking for technology start-ups for investment. Fast forward to 2016, having successfully investing in Pittsburgh-based start-up technology companies, Bob found himself in the South Park one day looking for a place to have lunch. That’s when he discovered the original location of Burgerz and Dogz. He went in and had lunch, struck up a conversation with owner Doug Baros. “I really felt their approach to healthy, grass-fed and anti-biotic free meat, combined with the freshness of homemade menu items was as unique as I had ever seen in a burger and dog joint,” according to McFarland.

Owner Doug Baros engaged McFarland in a conversation about his growth plans and franchise opportunities. The rest is history. According to McFarland, “I recognized an opportunity to invest in my own franchise and to eventually expand grow the franchise base immediately.” So McFarland is now the proud purveyor at the newest Burgerz and Dogz franchise location in the Freedom Shopping Center, in Cranberry.

“Given the growth of the high-end hamburger and hot dog business in recent years, I think we are uniquely structured to serve the market and expand the number of locations quickly over the next 2 to 3 years.” McFarland explained. “I believe the recent popularity and growth of the Pittsburgh market makes for the perfect opportunity,” he continued. This week marks the Grand Opening of the Cranberry location and the company has launched a major marketing campaign to drive brand awareness and sales.

Burgerz and Dogz is a 5-year old Pittsburgh-based restaurant chain with locations in South Park, Grove City Outlets and their newest location in Cranberry, PA. They offer the highest quality hamburgers and hot dogs in the area, along with homemade milk shakes and side dishes.

For more information, schedule and interview, or for franchise inquiries contact Chris Patterson at 412-508-4698.

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